Str. Arkansas Belle

Original Painting Details
Size: 22 X 28
Medium: Oil on Canvas

Information / History

The Str. Arkansas Belle was part of Marion Sue's private collection and is dated 1971.

Framed dimensions are 27 X 33.

The Arkansas Belle was a Short Trade Packet. These packets were engaged in short runs from 100 to 300 miles. She was much smaller than the "long trade" boats but her accomodations were equal to those of larger boats. Many of the short trade boats were more profitable than the long trade boats. Built at Litherbury's yard in Cincinnati in 1870 for the Memphis and Arkansas River trade. She was launched on September 15th and departed Cincinnati for Memphis on November 3rd. The Arkansas Belle was 203.5 X 32.5 X 5.1. She had Three Boilers 37 1/2 X 24. Her wheels were 32 ft. in diameter with 9 ft. buckets. She could carry 1500 bales of cotton or 500 tons. (Of special interest) The Bridal Chambers, a single pair are perfect in their style and appearance. Situated directly opposite each other one has the name "Tennessee" and the other "Arkansas" on their respective doors. The beds were high and step ladders were improvised in order to let the bride ascend to her roost. She was sold on December 13th to the Evansville and Cairo Line for $45,000 and entered that trade on December 20, 1870. She was dismantled in Evansville August 1880 at Lamasco wharf and her machinery was taken out and was used in the new Dexter.